Selection Policy

selection policy

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This policy has been created for West Hampstead Hockey Club members, by members, with the goal of building the best possible teams, in a fair manner, to ensure player satisfaction. From this we hope to win matches, develop as players but above all, enjoy hockey at every level.

WHHC operates a squad-based system but we pride ourselves on a club mentality and encourage each member to take this into account. Each week, you are not only playing for your team but also representing the club.

When joining the club or accepting a captaincy, members must endeavour to reach the expectations outlined below. This will ensure that selection remains fair, objective and clear. If at any point a member feels that the guidelines below are not being met they are encouraged to get in touch with a relevant member of the committee.

Expectations of a player

[These expectations apply to both outfield players and keepers.]

  • Play to the best of their ability, in training and in matches, and continually strive to reach a standard of hockey they feel is appropriate and that they enjoy
  • Be as committed as possible to matches and training
  • When confirming availability to play on a Saturday, they must be free to play any match, home or away at
  • any time. [Unless previously agreed with their captain]
  • Respect decisions with regards to selection (being asked to play higher or lower), and understand that
  • although past performance is considered, previous seasons’ team allocation is not.
  • Be aware that only fully paid members will be eligible for selection [Deadlines for payment will be supplied
  • by your captain and/or the club treasurer]
  • Give all availability to your captain at least 3 weeks in advance. [Unless previously agreed with their captain]

Expectations of a captain

  • Ensure all team members are aware of the selection policy and that you are approachable, open and available to discuss issues at any time throughout the season
  • It is the duty of the coach and/or captain to consult with the teams around them and select their own team [in a case of conflict of interest an appointed third party may be appointed to aid in the decision]
  • We ask you to insure that you are mindful of how news about moving teams may be received and communicate accordingly
  • If a player moves team, the player’s wellbeing is the responsibility of both the old and the new captain
  • Captains will endeavour to send out team sheets for the week in a timely manner
  • Keep the spread sheet up to date, and continually communicate with other captains, coaches and players
  • Players asked to join a lower squad permanently may not be dropped again to a lower squad for at least 3
  • matches
  • Attend all squad review meetings

As a club we will endeavour to hold ourselves to the above standards and to listen to queries from any party associated with WHHC, ensuring a fair experience for all. If any player, captain or coach would like to discuss any matter, we ask them to contact their relevant captain or a member of the committee they deem appropriate.

This policy was written by a mixed group of captains, coaches and players representing WHHC and will be reviewed July 2018.

Download a PDF version